About Us

Over the last 30 years, Hyde Park Executive Cars have established itself as among the most esteemed chauffeur companies in London. Our Kensington Chauffeur car hire service has built its prestigious reputation with its exceptional professionalism, safety, and lavish overall experience. Our Chelsea car hire services started with only a few cars and a small group of drivers. Today that number has grown exponentially. At the moment, there are more than 100 drivers. These Chauffeur cars hire Kensington drivers to hold the responsibility of serving among the most influential professionals on the planet, from driving them to corporate/business meetings to driving them to special events, the airport, and more.

Throughout the years, Hyde Park Executive Cars have had its up and downs, but our key principles of providing the highest quality of service in terms of professionalism, safety, and luxury have allowed our private car hire Kensington services to overcome the most complex of challenges and remain at the top regardless of the roadblocks in our path.  However, the most important principle our Chelsea car hire services prioritizes is our failure to be content.  Our Kensington car hire company has made it their mission statement to constantly improve and strive to provide a smoother more luxurious experience with each ride. This is why despite the obstacles in our Hyde Park Cars path, despite the new competitors in the market, Hyde Park Executive Cars have always had a seat at the top of the game in the chauffeur industry.